Descendants of the Pharaohs

Nubian Pharaohs

African Heirs to the Throne

Black People all around the world are truly monarchs. We are apart of the first race of humans, and the great descendants of Pharaohs. This content you are reading is here to reassure and remind you of your potential , your brilliance, and your ancestry. So everyday Africans as a people should strive to become the greatest. To unite us like never before, and to encourage all who are reached with this golden message contact me and form an alliance to stand up for Africans all over the world. No matter where you are born, or what ethnic group you come from be a proud African. It's people in this world who want to belittle us and not give us the honor and respect we deserve. Let us come together so we all can rebuild the wealth that was stolen from our people through organizing donations and providing higher education for Africans with little or no opportunity. Thank you and always remember POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Favorite Pharaohs